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AERODRIVE ENGINEERING SERVICES is a tactical UAV manufacturer and solutions provider in Morocco and Africa

The problems we SOLVE

Achieving situational awareness in the sky at all time is a complex and expensive process, requiring high technology expertise, human proficiency, and an important management skillset. We take the pilot out of the cockpit, making him run multiple UAVs, highly intelligent and coordinated missions, to drive accurate field results.
Border protection, law enforcement, or ISR missions are few applications on which AES's provides a tactical and operational edge, through a wide set of UAVs, Sensors, and GCUs.


Yes, we can do that all at once.

  • Border Protection

    A fleet of UAVs from AES can live stream a day/night video feed to prevent illegal immigration and security breach

  • ISR Missions

    AES's provides an all-in-one solution to gather intelligence from territories to leverage an edge on the field

  • Law inforcement

    AES's systems complements the Law Inforcement skillset by providing a better field coverage and reliable data stream for more efficient operations

  • High Value Assets Suveillance

    The multisensor configuration and the high autonomy of AES's UAVs enables a 24/7 intelligent outdoor surveillance for high assets in all conditions

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